I am not fond of the title “Orphanage”, not because I want to evade the truth, but because I see it through different eyes. I am also not fond of the title “Orphans”, because I feel like our circumstances should never mark us for life.

I see it as a Home, housing beautiful Children.

And my dream is for these children to feel loved, cared-for and well-equipped before setting off on their own life’s journey. I pray that when it’s the time for them to leave the Home, they will have a strong identity, big crazy dreams, and know that the sky is the limit.

Many people provide the Home with food, clothing and toys – which are all so important and necessary. But one day it struck me that they needed much more than just covering their basic needs.

Just like a kid that has been promised an ice cream in summer, when the idea of refurbishing The Savior’s Home came to mind, I couldn’t hold my excitement! I wanted to write about it and tell everybody about it! I could just imagine a transformed home, where the old would be replaced by the new, where the broken would be fixed, where colorful paint would cover the faded one, where a flourished garden would replace the dry one, where the timeworn furniture would be substituted by happy decor… Just like when you open the window in a room that feels stuffy and finally let fresh air enter, that’s how I imagined it to be. Change is great and I couldn’t wait to tell the kids all about it!

So I let the idea settle in and waited for the right moment. I wasn’t sure when the right moment would be; would it take me months or years to initiate this project? Would I wait for the moment I got rich, or would I begin with what I had in my hands? I wasn’t sure, but one thing I did know was that timing is everything, so I decided to wait and announce my idea to the Savior’s Home when it felt right.

Then one day, I decided to announce my plan to the Home’s Director. It was such an uplifting moment for me, to talk to her and see that we shared the same dream, vision and enthusiasm! I immediately thought “what a team!” A football match cannot be won by one star-player, and neither can this project be carried out and fulfilled by the efforts of a single person.

Some time later the director sent me a letter with the Home’s urgent needs and requirements. The list included the following:

  • Changing of windows on the upper floor
  • Repairs on the upper floor (flooring)
  • Painting and refurbishing the children’s rooms
  • Purchasing of electrical appliance (clothes washing machine & dryer, dishwasher, professional oven and freezer)
  • WC (bathroom refurbishing)
  • Gardening

(You can find the official letter here: The Home’s Needs).

Since then, some of the above needs have been covered by the loving support of amazing people (both acquaintances and total strangers) who would contact me through email & Social Media or contact the Home directly.

From the above list, the needs that have not been covered yet are:

  • Repairs on the upper floor (flooring)
  • Painting and refurbishing the children’s rooms
  • WC (bathroom refurbishing) 
  • Gardening

I really hope I can work side-by-side with people who see the “why” behind the “what”. The heart behind the action.

I currently live abroad (in Malaga, Spain), and know I cannot physically spend as much time at the Home as I would like to. But my sister Aline does live there all year around, and will be responsible for the execution of the projects.
My dream is not to simply cover their material needs, but for the children to feel the love and personal attention of all those who will form part of this great refurbishment project.

I invite you to take an active part in this dream, and donate the amount that you feel is right in your heart. 100% of your contribution will go towards covering all the needs mentioned above.

My dream is to make their house feel like a true home, and to remind these children that they are not forgotten.

You can check out the following pages for further details.

Thank you so much for your time and contribution!

I am sure the children will appreciate our help beyond our imagination!

Yours sincerely,

Stefani Petratou

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