Building entrance  Building entrance  Ground floor lounge  Ground floor office  Ground floor - Children's bedroom   2-bedroom  saviors-home-2  1-bathroom  Staircase leading upstairs First floor - Corridor  First floor - Corridor  First floor - spare bedroom  9-first-floor-bathroom  10-first-floor-bathroom  11-first-floor-bathroom  12-first-floor-laundry-room  First floor - Laundry room  First floor - Children's lockers  First floor - Children's lockers  First floor - corridor  First floor - corridor

One thought on “Photo Gallery

  • February 8, 2017 at 9:40 pm

    I just found out about the orphanage through my cousin whose father is my father’s brother.
    I would like to make a donation in my Uncles Name who passed away yesterday.
    Andreas Sourvanos

    I would like to help the home and children and plan to visit this summer.

    I also would like to know if there is an adoption

    Thank you for taking charge and setting up this platform. The children need more people like you!



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